Securus Technologies Is Working Hard To Keep Inmates On A Positive Note Upon Release From Prison

In an environment where crime rates are high and inmate to inmate crimes are occurring daily, you want to know that your family and friends are safe while serving their time behind bars. The time that they spend away from you is already going to be stressful enough for you and for them. The need to know that they are safe is going to help you sleep better at night.


The services offered by Securus Technologies is more than just a phone call. The phone services are just the beginning of the services that are offered to inmates and family. The presence of prepaid calling cards will help keep track of the spending that one pays for the phone calls. If you are unable to answer the phone when a call is placed, the automated voice mail system will give you any messages from the inmate who called. The ability to allow for the inmate to call more often is another perk that is brought on by Securus Technologies.


Inmates are provided the tools they need to be better citizens when their time is up. While in prison, inmates are given classes to help them adjust to life on the outside without all the crime following them. The inmate is also closer to family and friends while away which transcends over into relationships outside of the prison walls. For this reason, inmates are given the incentive to be law abiding citizens upon their release.


Inmates who are part of the prison structure are given access to other services outside of phone calls. The inmate is awarded the opportunity to be visited by family and friends on visiting days as long as they continue to exhibit good behavior. The inmate will be given the opportunity to visit with their family and friends with rules that will help to establish good behavior upon returning back to their cells after visiting hours are over.


Securus Technologies – Providing Relief To Prisoners And Their Families By Providing Means Of Communication

Securus Technologies has been on the forefront of prison telecommunications, crime prevention, criminal justice, investigation and public safety technology for many years. Over the years, the company has innovated and developed some products and services that help the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates in many ways.


For prisoners, the technology provided by Securus Technologies helps tremendously by allowing them to stay in touch with their friends and relatives outside. The latest innovation by the company is its video visitation service, which allows the inmates’ families to visit the inmates more often, which is helpful for the inmates as well. It is an excellent way to relieve stress for the prisoners and help them stay encouraged bettering their lives and mending their ways once they are out.


Securus Technologies takes pride in the services they provide and ensures that its customers get quality products backed by exemplary customer service. Since its inception, Securus Technologies has served over a million clients and currently services 1,200,000 customers and 3,450 law enforcement agencies. The company also bagged the Gold Stevie Awards recently for the best sales and customer service, which is one of the most respected awards in the corporate sector.


In a press release the company published online, they showcased excerpts from the letter they receive on an ongoing basis from their customers. Law enforcement officers mentioned in the message how it helps them perform their duty accurately in a much more secure environment and how it helps with crime prevention.


I also read some of the reviews I relate to where it said how families could stay close to their families in prison. It is a great relief to know that you are still able to talk to your husband who is in jail, because it acts as a support for both the family as well as the prisoner, and strengthens the relationship. I am thankful to Securus Technologies for all they do to modernize the incarceration experience.


How Thor Halvorssen Became A Menace to Dictators

When it comes to spreading freedom from beyond the comforts and joy of our living rooms, you might think that task is primarily carried out by soldiers and mercenaries. But that would be incorrect as one of the most important leaders in the fight is a civilian who believes in the freedom of speech and dissemination of information as some of the most important weapons against dictatorship. that leader is Thor Halvorssen, an international civil rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). For over 20 years Halvorssen has been working with protest groups and defectors to expose dictatorships through demonstrations and smuggling operations.

Understanding Halvorssen who is certainly a surprising and sometimes complicated individual may be best done by knowing his background. His mother’s family comes from Norway while his father is Venezuelan, an unusual ethnic mix but both sides of the family have been brought together by their outspokenness against oppressive regimes. Most notably his father was detained by corrupt officials when he found out about government-sponsored drug operations, and his mother was a victim of a shooting though she survived during an anti-Chavez demonstration. Halvorssen himself has been detained on suspicions several times while visiting Asian nations and finding out about religious persecutions.

Halvorssen does make appearances on television networks including Fox News, CNN, Russia Today and several other news organizations, but he often likes to remain under the radar because he never knows what freedom expedition he might be undertaking next. Some of his most notable anti-tyranny adventures include a 1989 organized event in London in which South Africans demonstrated against the apartheid, and then several prison release operations including that of Bahrain’s Ali Abdulemam. He also has had dissidents appointed to serve as leaders of HRF including Garry Kasparov, a Russian spokesperson for freedom who protested the arrest of a Russian rock band that had played anti-Putin music.

Halvorssen uses several means to get out his message such as music and movies. He’s led film productions along with acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino on the protests and civil disobedience in oppressive nations. Some of Halvorssen’s award-winning films include The Singing Revolution, Indoctrinate U, Freedom’s Fury and an upcoming box office presentation titled The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He also writes articles from time to time for The Atlantic magazine.

Scheduling an Appointment With Securus Technologies is Easy

There’s a vast array of ways Securus Technologies has proven to be an effective form of communications that is opening up roads for law enforcement officials to uncover crimes. Unfortunately, many crime incidents that occur behind “closed doors” of correctional facilities get overlooked. This is quite a common scenario as we are actually unaware of the certain types of crimes that occur in correctional facilities, some of which include, but are not limited to, are: transferring of drugs, abuse, and acts interconnected with criminal organizations. By communicating through the Securus Technologies platform, an individual who is not incarcerated but would like to keep in touch with someone who is can do so with the program of Securus Technologies.


Although traditional methods of keeping in touch with incarcerated individuals has normally been conducted through the utilization of a visitation schedule, it is important to note that there is now a new way of visiting that does not require the visitor(s) to travel to the jail to be physically present so that they can chat with the inmate. Instead, in this particular case, they can utilize the Securus Technologies platform to keep in touch with the inmate by chatting through a video conferencing method.


Many people are aware that video conferencing has made connecting with others from all around the world from the comfort of one’s very own home possible. However, what many are unaware of is being able to utilize the technology within the premises of one’s home to communicate with those who are incarcerated in correctional facilities. This is a program that has been designed to allow such forms of communications to occur safely and without issues of scheduling conflicts due to jails being too busy in which appointments that the visitors wanted were unable to be made at that particular point in time.