Healthcare Improvements Resulting from Jim Tananbaum’s Ideas

Jim Tananbaum is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is a firm that specializes offering healthcare services. Foresite Capital is collaborating with other investment companies to fund a startup health tech company known as Mindstrong Health. Other companies include Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and ARCH Ventures Partners. These organizations are working together to the realization of Mindstrong Health.

Mindstrong Health focuses on using smartphones to diagnose and help in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. The startup health tech has set aside $14 million contributed by the various investors. Jim Tananbaum and Paul Dagum, Mindstrong Health founder, are working towards improving healthcare services. Jim Tananbaum intends to improve the outcomes of individuals who are disordered mentally with Dagum’s help. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Mindstrong Health has the vision to introduce objective measures in the treatment of lunatics. Mindstrong Health will deliver continuous actual actions and cognition at a high resolution level. According to Jim Tananbaum, the use of smartphones will be effective. A patient will just scroll and type on the smartphone to measure the functioning of the brain. The smartphone platform will also provide mood information and biomarkers of cognition. These cognition biomarkers will include processing memory, speed, and function.

According to Patient Daily, Jim Tananbaum is particularly concerned with the understanding what Mindstrong will provide. Jim Tananbaum postulates that Mindstrong Health will provide a conducive environment for understanding the challenges that patients with cognitive disorders have. Jim also notes that the medical community should understand and care for people with mental health conditions.

Jim Tananbaum’s company, Foresite Capital, is a private equity firm. The company was established in 2011. Foresite Capital is dedicated to fund and identify healthcare leaders. Tananbaum’s company provides aid by supplying capital, information, and healthcare networks. Before establishing Foresite Capital, Jim formed two other biopharmaceutical companies. You can search him on Google

Jim Tananbaum is also a learned individual. Jim went Yale University where he attained a math and electrical engineering M.B. Jim also attained an M.B.A from Harvard and an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Tananbaum’s passion is to connect hard sciences with computer science with health care to improve his inventions.

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My WEN By Chaz experiment: 7 days to shine and volume.

WEN by Chaz is versatile line of products created by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. The line offers almond mint cleansers in lieu of harsh sulfates. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner claims the triple-whammy benefit of cleansing, conditioning, and styling all in one go. My fine hair craves moisture, bounce, and shine—so I tested the Fig version, which purports these benefits.

On day 1, I noticed the instructions recommended a minimum use of ten pumps of product! I worried about that entire product bogging my hair down. But while I worked the product into my hair, it weirdly felt as if I had more hair. I also noticed less strands coming out during the rinse process.

Roots were already greasy the next morning! Ugh. Using the product that night, I again loved voluminous shine of my hair after it was blow-dried.

Hair was less oily on day 3. I spent extra time rinsing out the product in case leftover residue was causing extra oiliness. My hair lost a bit of curl this day, but was shiny and bouncy overall.

No time to shower on day 4! I styled my hair at work. After an abundance of dry shampoo and curling, my hair was still an oily mess. Couldn’t wait to use the product that night!

Day 5 was morning-to-night great hair. Only complaint: my curls went a bit flat. However, WEN made my hair super soft and manageable, so the less –than-springy curls weren’t a deal-breaker.

On day 6, I fell into my WEN routine. I even got some comments on my Facebook on how shiny my hair looked.

The final day I showered in the morning per usual. After my morning styling, I noticed again that my curls went flat a bit earlier than normal, but otherwise my hair looked great. For more info, visit

The Copa Star Takes A Different Approach Than The Traditional Hospital

One of the biggest changes in the medical field over the past few decades has been the move to having more hospital management executives who do not have a medical background. For a long time, many hospitals would typically hire hospital executives who had a medical background. There are various reasons why the use of executives with a medical background has been the preferred choice in many hospitals around the world. However, one of the main reasons is the tradition of the hospital.

The hospital represents the central aspects of the medical field. Many people in hospitals feel that people with a medical background should be the people running a medical facility. This has been the traditional thought process and it has carried throughout the years. Although tradition is strong in the medical field, there has been a change in how some in the medical profession are looking at the role of hospitals and the people who are running hospitals.

There is a thought process in recent years that hospitals need to be ran more like a business instead of just as a medical facility. As a result, some hospitals have made the move to start hiring more executives with a business background. The background of business covers numerous areas related to hospitals that the traditional medical background does not cover. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

With a change in the type of people who are running hospitals, there has been a change in how some of the hospitals with executives that have a business background run the hospitals compared to executives with a medical background. Some of these differences are starting to show up in new hospitals. The Copa Star is a fairly new hospital that was built in Brazil that highlights some of the differences. The hospital is considered a new age hospital where the focus is more on business.

The Copa Star provides a look into the future related to hospitals. With an emphasis on business, the focus of the Copa Star revolves around many things unrelated to medical care. The Copa Star looks more like a top end hotel for celebrities than a medical facility. The Copa Star looks amazing.

The hospital shines with many outstanding components. The cost of the Copa Star is way beyond the cost of the average hospital but the purpose of the Copa Star’s appearance accomplishes the intended goals.

Every detail of the Hospital Copa Star has a defined purpose. The Copa Star makes people feel like they are in a special place, and the Copa Star makes them feel special. From a business perspective, this is how business owners want their customers to feel. However, the Copa Star still provides the essence of what a hospital is built to provide, which is superior medical care. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.