The Winning Streak of End Citizens United in the American Elections

This organization wants and is actively working on changes in the way tycoons are financing campaigns. Except for the necessary changes that the group wants to introduce, this organization also wants to invest in the campaigns of many Democratic candidates across the country.


End Citizens United was primarily established to challenge one of the Supreme Court’s 2010 decisions. This decision represents the legal basis of the vast misconception that corporations represent citizens’ opinion. Our country, like many other nations around the world, needs more organizations like this one, a team of millions of supporters that create movements and initiative to promote the best interest of the American community who wants to have elections with higher transparency.


The End Citizens United is struggling against the influence of billionaires on the ruling political platform. Politicians, after the financing of their campaigns by billionaires, spend a lot of time and energy on fulfilling their will and representing their needs, thus neglecting the needs of citizens. This reality has been noticed since 2010’s problematic landmark, where elections became a game of interests between billionaires and enterprises.


The main reason for the existence of this organization is the need to fight against cash inflows in campaigns that can not be tracked, just like changing the controversial decision of the Supreme Court. People across the country support the ideas and attitudes of the organization. More than 325,000 signed a petition for this organization by August 2015. The growth trend of the number of people supporting the team as well as its members will undoubtedly remain viable. People recognize the good aspects of this society. Their connection with the movement „Ready for Hilary“ and the rental of the enamel listing of this campaign is a great marketing move that will undoubtedly increase the number of members as well as donations.


Despite all these positive assets of the organization, Rick Hasen, who is a campaign finance regulation expert and a professor of law and political science, is convinced that even if their team gathers 100 million in donations, the chance to change the decision of the Supreme Court is minimal. However, this statement from the expert has been proven to be wrong in 2017. The group managed to elect the pro-reform Democrat Jon Ossoff, which was a big triumph over the opposition.


In accordance with the ideas they represent, End Citizens United show very transparently their funds and their cash inflows. Thus, their donors can see their biggest income, such as donation of Democrat Jon Ossoff, a first-time political candidate in Georgia of 500 000$. Constant growth in donations and members of the organization shows that people have understood the importance of the struggle and the ideas that represent the ECU.