The Events Leading To Brian Bonar Becoming Executive Of The Year In Finance

Brian Bonar has been in the entrepreneur’s world for a long time, in fact almost 50 years since starting as a procurement manager. Yet even today he never ceases to generate new ideas at his company, the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The company has been most known for combining various IT software and office hardware in with financial packages for accounting and human resources, and together in partnership with many businesses he’s helped them thrive.

These accomplishments earned him the Executive of the Year in Finance award in the Cambridge “Who’s Who?” 2010 edition, a special business biographical publishing company that chooses top-ranked professionals for its Executive of the Year awards.

Brian Bonar started his career back in 1969 after graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College, business and economics at Strathclyde University and an MBA from Staffordshire University. He started out at IBM UK where he helped deliver motherboards to various business clients around the world and soon became head of their marketing department.

He then moved to QMS Inc. as Director of Software Engineering that oversaw development of special enterprise software. From there he started managing office equipment manufacturing plus sales and marketing with Adaptec and Rastek, and then founded a subsidiary company named Bezier Systems that built the first ever SCSI based printer.

According to Market Watch, Brian Bonar’s career in finance and professional employer organization (PEO) startups started when he helped found ITEC Imaging Technologies. The company moved from simply manufacturing and selling printers to developing a full scale installation and support team and created their own proprietary software to go with it.

But Bonar had an even bigger idea for the company to manage accounting and human resources for his small business clients so they could focus on the tasks that mattered the most to them, and soon he had built an entire PEO business on this idea.

ITEC partnered with SourceOne Group in order to sell the benefits packages to customers. In 2004 ITEC changed its name to Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Bloomberg revealed that Brian Bonar has also been acquiring restaurants across San Diego with the goal of turning them into upscale dining establishments. In 2013 he purchased a small bistro that became Bellamy’s Restaurant and then hired award-winning Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to manage it.

Bonar has also transformed Bandy Canyon Ranch into a quality tourist resort and restaurant. Bonar also works with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.