The Evolution Of Smooth Revolution

Standing Out From The Crowd

The lip balm market is pretty much considered stagnant. This is why the surprise of Evolution of Smooth’s success has made so many rethink exactly how to think of lip balm. Lip balm is misunderstood by so many people even those who work directly in the lip balm market. It wasn’t until EOS proved that you can target a brand of lip balm ( specifically towards young women and win that attitudes started to shift in a new direction.

A Star Among Millennials

Millennials are the latest generation to come of age and they have their own interests they want catered to. Evolution of Smooth appeals to them because it was specifically made to reach out to social media users. The company wisely chose to use celebrities to advertise the brand with selfies featuring the spheres the lip balm company is known for. With the millions in sales that they have generated it’s pretty clear that people love Evolution of Smooth. There just isn’t anything on the market right now that can compete with it. Millennials will love this brand for years to come.

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth has taken the position of the most popular brand of lip balm on Walmart, but the brand is still growing. Now, the creators of EOS lip balm want to find a way to enter other personal care markets. With lotions and shaving creams out there it’s clear what the potential for the market is. There may be EOS soaps and moisturizers out on the market soon. People love what this brand has to offer and that’s not going away any time soon. Millennials have made their voice clear and they want Evolution of Smooth for themselves.