Norka Luque the next Superstar in Latino Music

The music industry is filled with many musicians that come and go. While most of the new pop singers are only a one-time hit, the Venezuelan singer Norka Luque is different. Her voice has burnt up dance floors with the Latin American music fire in the Western parts of the United States. Norka can become a superstar in the music industry, for she has the help of Emilio Estefan. Emilio is a famous music producer known to produce the best hits in the music industry. When Norka released her first single dance music in 2011, she was nominated for the best pop female vocalist award in 2011. Since she released the song titled How can I do it, doors opened up for her and was nominated for other awards.


Norka credits most of her music success to Archie Pena and Emilio Estefan because they have helped her nurture her music to become world famous. However, Pena and Estefan refuse to take the whole credit, stating that Norka’s magical voice is the reason behind her success. Norka’s music reaches far and beyond because it is a story of her life.


In a recent interview, Estefan stated that he decided to work with Norka because he knew she had the talent seen in other raw singers such as Shakira, Gloria Estefan, and other Latino musicians. Luque was born to be a singer and not an ordinary one. According to Archie Pena, Norka Luque is a superstar the world hasn’t discovered yet.


Norka Luque’s musical journey is a simple and beautiful one. Her parents recognized her talent at a young age of five. When she turned to eight years, she joined a music school where she trained her vocals and started singing. Norka fell in love with Shakira’s kind of music since the musical school feature Shakira’s music. Norka continually advanced her music with the study of piano, and she took vocal lessons throughout her secondary education. Knowing that Norka would need an education and a profession, Norka Luque’s parents sent her to France where she studied business administration.


She has engaged in other interests in her life. Her travel to study in France shows her love for travel, food and appreciating other cultures in the world. She loves traveling to different parts of the world, has a love food and enjoys sports.