Serial Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks Shifts Timber Creek Company Offices

Timber Creek Capital moved their offices from the original location they have been for about fourteen years. The reason why they moved is to provide space for the company to collaborate optimally and allow start-up incubation.

Marc Spark who stands as a prominent entrepreneur and a venture capitalist serves the company as the CEO. He has consumed most of his time helping future entrepreneurs to start and develop businesses into income generating ventures.

Sparks says that to start a business one requires first to build a good business model and then acquire the resources necessary for its success. He added that Timber Creek Capital is a company designed to host three different companies within the facility and this is where they offer extensive incubation.

From his experience in this venture, he says that he learned that quality, favorable as well as a collaborative working environment is over 25 percent of what is required for a business success.

Sparks has managed to start and successfully develop several companies thus he undoubtedly understand what is required for a business to succeed. Another essential ingredient he added is the need to have an office that helps maximize collaboration and increase the output. He says such an office will attract a special flow. Sparks wrote a book, “They Can’t Eat You, ” and it was aimed to encourage future entrepreneurs as it outlines his entrepreneurial journey.

In his book, you can clearly see his successes as well as the failures and challenges he encountered to be whom he is today. But all these experiences led him to start his company Timber Creek Capital, LP.

With this company, he has taken the initiative to mentor many companies and help them access resources such as banking, capital, office premises and marketing among others.

Sparks says that from all these experiences he visibly knows the challenges and the overwhelming circumstances entrepreneurs can face, and that is why he is ready to help them build their dream companies. Sparks added that passion, Faith, focus, tenacity, recognition of urgency and savvy of monetization, are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent serial entrepreneur whose specializes in making other people’s dream business to become successful income generating ventures. After his graduation from high school in 1975, he started his career as an entrepreneur handling different startup businesses.

He faced challenges as well as successes in his entrepreneurship journey, and after 35 years of experience, he decided to establish his venture, Timber Creek Capital. Through this company, he has been able to help many businesspersons to build their businesses successfully.