Shafik Sachedina

Besides leading the Jamati Institution’s Department located in France, Shafik Sachedina facilitates the organization of any projects taking place within the Ismaili society institutions as well. It’s worth noting that Jamati establishments work in connection with the Aga Khan Foundation.

Currently, Shafik is aged sixty-seven years, and his life began in Tanzania where he was born. His constant hard work regarding academics led him to the achievement of his degree in dental surgery from the Guy Hospital and Dental School at the London University.

Shafik Sachedina served in England for long, and due to this, his interest concerning entrepreneurship and philanthropy intensified, and since then he has been working as a volunteer at Jamati Institutions. In addition to participating in the organizations Governor’s Board, Sachedina presides over the Humanitarian Assistance International Committee which is also known as FOCUS. He is also a member of Aga-Khan Developments Network committee, based at Aiglemont and a member of the International Forum of Ismaili Leaders. It’s worth noting that Shafik held the United Kingdom Ismaili Council’s administrative position for two terms successively.

Shafik has attained more experience from his work at Sussex Health Care, a self-governing organization of homes located in Sussex, and he is the director of the group. Sussex Health Care specializes in providing care for the older adults who have Alzheimer’s illness as well as dementia. It also offers favorably specialized care services to the adult patients who have both learning and physical disabilities. The reason behind the care services is because the organization has adequate facilities vital for the care of the different extents of concern.

Recently, the company announced the new units located at Broadbridge near Horsham in West Sussex. The new facility has loads of equipment that makes use modern technology to provide outreach, relief, and private placements. This facility is meant to assist the people nursing any neurological conditions and acquired brain injuries. According to recent reports, the company is presently undertaking the development of services expected to support the people having autism and those with significant disabilities related to learning as well.

As the manager of Sussex healthcare center, Shafik Sachedina uses his experiences in the medical field to ensure quality and excellent care for all their patients. The company is committed to offering affordable as well as the most reliable healthcare services to their clients as they work to become the leading health club in the United Kingdom.



There are some few qualities that one has to possess in order to be a successful entrepreneur in any field since entrepreneurship is a highly competitive field. One, therefore, has to be very persistent and not give up no matter the challenge. Successful entrepreneurs have at some point in time experienced failure. The acronym Fail refers to Frequent Adaptation Inspire Learning. For more details visit inspirery.

Todd Lubar as an entrepreneur has followed in all these steps, and because of his passion he hasn’t given up and is now a household name in the real estate industry. Todd attributes his success to the hard work that he has put in, as well as having big dreams and the fact that he is always on top of everything that goes on in the industry. He also says that the right company of people that you choose to surround yourself with plays a huge role.

Lubar brought about the idea of smart homes that has been embraced by several people. He is based in Baltimore where he is a well-known real estate professional. These smart homes are a great relief to the disabled. For example, a person in a wheelchair cannot get up to switch on the lights; with a smart home, however, the person just has to speak, and the voice recognition system will switch on the lights. Check out  to see more.

These smart homes also come with their setbacks like for example if a person speaks in a foreign language the system will not be able to interpret the voice since they are programmed to receive speech commands. The virtual assistant and scripts can be categorized as weak art intelligence since they cannot reason on their own. The popularity of the smart homes is increasing by the day.

Todd was the senior vice president of legendary investment; he also worked for the Legacy financial group as a senior executive. Todd was an instrumental part in the growth of Maryland Legacy into a multi-million dollar company. He worked with a charter company that was mainly focused on helping those in need. His typical day starts with a cup of coffee and breakfast with his children then he reads the news checks his mail and works out for a few minutes before heading to work.

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Serial Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks Shifts Timber Creek Company Offices

Timber Creek Capital moved their offices from the original location they have been for about fourteen years. The reason why they moved is to provide space for the company to collaborate optimally and allow start-up incubation.

Marc Spark who stands as a prominent entrepreneur and a venture capitalist serves the company as the CEO. He has consumed most of his time helping future entrepreneurs to start and develop businesses into income generating ventures.

Sparks says that to start a business one requires first to build a good business model and then acquire the resources necessary for its success. He added that Timber Creek Capital is a company designed to host three different companies within the facility and this is where they offer extensive incubation.

From his experience in this venture, he says that he learned that quality, favorable as well as a collaborative working environment is over 25 percent of what is required for a business success.

Sparks has managed to start and successfully develop several companies thus he undoubtedly understand what is required for a business to succeed. Another essential ingredient he added is the need to have an office that helps maximize collaboration and increase the output. He says such an office will attract a special flow. Sparks wrote a book, “They Can’t Eat You, ” and it was aimed to encourage future entrepreneurs as it outlines his entrepreneurial journey.

In his book, you can clearly see his successes as well as the failures and challenges he encountered to be whom he is today. But all these experiences led him to start his company Timber Creek Capital, LP.

With this company, he has taken the initiative to mentor many companies and help them access resources such as banking, capital, office premises and marketing among others.

Sparks says that from all these experiences he visibly knows the challenges and the overwhelming circumstances entrepreneurs can face, and that is why he is ready to help them build their dream companies. Sparks added that passion, Faith, focus, tenacity, recognition of urgency and savvy of monetization, are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent serial entrepreneur whose specializes in making other people’s dream business to become successful income generating ventures. After his graduation from high school in 1975, he started his career as an entrepreneur handling different startup businesses.

He faced challenges as well as successes in his entrepreneurship journey, and after 35 years of experience, he decided to establish his venture, Timber Creek Capital. Through this company, he has been able to help many businesspersons to build their businesses successfully.