Wake Up, Make Up

Waking up in the morning is usually an arduous task for most of us, but not for the beautiful and effortless Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She has her morning routine down to an art as described by Savoir Flair. A busy, successful, business owner that wakes up naturally at 8:30am and proceeds to exercise, have a balanced breakfast, and ponder her day all before hopping on Instagram and checking the calendar that ultimately runs her life, is someone worth learning a few tricks from. Doe already leads a very aesthetically pleasing life as it is, so when she reveals how she listens to The Beatles whilst getting ready, I couldn’t help but admire her choice in tunes. Her beauty routine includes some great brands such as Glossier, Murad, MAC, and even the super affordable L’oreal! Doe subtly hints at a Lime Crime foundation in the works, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear that especially since her make up line is already so successful. Kindly letting us peek inside of her life in this article, she even introduces us to her two Persian kitties, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. She goes on to mention her work schedule, including a noon start time (can you say envious!) and meetings throughout her less than typical 6 hour work day, although she keeps it real stating that she might stay until midnight if needed! Doe has what seems like a pretty easy life, but you’d be sadly mistaken if you thought she didn’t work extremely hard each day. She built her brand from hand, beginning in 2004 on the ever popular selling site beginning with the letter E. She then worked her way up to the Brand’s launch in 2008. Her signature bold and colorful looks stemmed from being her own product model in those early days. That’s exactly what Doe’s brand is about, being unapologetic, bold, and being who you want to be, what feels good to you is all that matters. As a very strong supporter of women owned businesses she often speaks to the ambitious and intuitive women entrepreneurs, even offering advice on social media platforms. Doe Deere is an exceptional business woman, a Girl Boss, who strives to embrace her weirdness and share it with the world. Her success stems from her positive disposition, leading her company to reach new heights and changing the face of beauty as we know it.


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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Brand Is Makeup That Defies Expectations

Doe Deere has always stuck to her instincts, and they have served her well. She is determined and bold, just like her makeup brand Lime Crime. Even the name was different, but she kept it, and it’s a darn good “Google-able name.

The CEO and founder of Lime Crime sat down with IdeaMensch to talk beauty shop. She revealed that Lime Crime originally came from the Ebay account name she had registered for her DIY fashion line.

Doe Deere has always been an original, and her special individuality took shape as a little girl growing up in her native Russia. She loved playing with colors and all their strong pigments and adorning herself and her young friends in bizarre makeup combinations. She knew early on that she really liked glitter, crystals, iridescence and happy vivid shades.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and today, the brand is thriving as a leader in beauty e-commerce. Doe Deere is internet savvy and understands the huge value of social media. Her Lime Crime Instagram page has already attracted more than 2.8 million makeup obsessed followers and counting. Fans like to send makeup selfies to Lime Crime’s Instagram to show off their favorite crazy wild Lime Crime palettes. Doe Deere enjoys interacting with her fans on social media because they inspire each other.

When developing a brand new beauty product, Doe Deere always tests the item on herself, and if it fails to impress, then it’s tossed away. She maintains a strong participation in her company’s daily business happenings, whether it’s meeting with the chemist at the lab or attending key meetings. Doe Deere built her brand by scratch and likes every aspect of Lime Crime’s successful progress.

Doe Deere understands what it’s like to dream large and then try to execute your goals and hope to see them bear fruit. She’s always been courageous and defied expectations, and it’s paying off.

She recently landed on Self-Made magazine’s list of the Top Female Entrepreneurs. Doe Deere was also chosen to grace their cover with business legends Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. It was an honor that Doe Deere has been truly humbled by.

Lime Crime continues creating modern, edgy cosmetics that women fall instantly in love with. Check out their e-commerce site here, and rock your makeup world.

Are you bold enough to put on some sexy Lime Crime, ladies?