How Thor Halvorssen Became A Menace to Dictators

When it comes to spreading freedom from beyond the comforts and joy of our living rooms, you might think that task is primarily carried out by soldiers and mercenaries. But that would be incorrect as one of the most important leaders in the fight is a civilian who believes in the freedom of speech and dissemination of information as some of the most important weapons against dictatorship. that leader is Thor Halvorssen, an international civil rights activist and founder of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). For over 20 years Halvorssen has been working with protest groups and defectors to expose dictatorships through demonstrations and smuggling operations.

Understanding Halvorssen who is certainly a surprising and sometimes complicated individual may be best done by knowing his background. His mother’s family comes from Norway while his father is Venezuelan, an unusual ethnic mix but both sides of the family have been brought together by their outspokenness against oppressive regimes. Most notably his father was detained by corrupt officials when he found out about government-sponsored drug operations, and his mother was a victim of a shooting though she survived during an anti-Chavez demonstration. Halvorssen himself has been detained on suspicions several times while visiting Asian nations and finding out about religious persecutions.

Halvorssen does make appearances on television networks including Fox News, CNN, Russia Today and several other news organizations, but he often likes to remain under the radar because he never knows what freedom expedition he might be undertaking next. Some of his most notable anti-tyranny adventures include a 1989 organized event in London in which South Africans demonstrated against the apartheid, and then several prison release operations including that of Bahrain’s Ali Abdulemam. He also has had dissidents appointed to serve as leaders of HRF including Garry Kasparov, a Russian spokesperson for freedom who protested the arrest of a Russian rock band that had played anti-Putin music.

Halvorssen uses several means to get out his message such as music and movies. He’s led film productions along with acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino on the protests and civil disobedience in oppressive nations. Some of Halvorssen’s award-winning films include The Singing Revolution, Indoctrinate U, Freedom’s Fury and an upcoming box office presentation titled The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. He also writes articles from time to time for The Atlantic magazine.

David Giertz On The Importance of Talking to New Clients About Their Social Security

It has become very common to see people working well into their sunset years. While there are a few people that are passionate about their work and want to continue it well into old age, there are other circumstances when the people do the work because they did not work on their social security benefits when they were younger. David Giertz is an experienced investor who has seen too many of these situations and believes that they can be remedied through giving these people the right advice when they are young.

According to David Giertz, not many people understand that the amount of benefits they will be receiving is heavily dependent on among other things, the earnings that they used to make when they were in the workforce. At times, people minimize their earnings when doing tax returns in order to pay fewer taxes, but this works against them where the social security is concerned.

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When the benefits are being calculated, another factor that is put into consideration is the inflation that has been taking place. For instance, if one was earning $30000 in 1999, it might be adjusted to $60000 in the present day in order to cater for the inflation that has been taking place over the years.

Not many of the people in blue collar jobs know that they are greatly favored by the system and they stand to earn more from it. All this is information that should be made accessible to the general public on

About David Giertz
David Giertz is a financial advisor for nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He operates from Columbus, OH and has been holding this position for the past four years. he has worked in many other financial institutions and gotten the skills needed for his current position as the Senior Vice President of the association.


The Events Leading To Brian Bonar Becoming Executive Of The Year In Finance

Brian Bonar has been in the entrepreneur’s world for a long time, in fact almost 50 years since starting as a procurement manager. Yet even today he never ceases to generate new ideas at his company, the Dalrada Financial Corporation. The company has been most known for combining various IT software and office hardware in with financial packages for accounting and human resources, and together in partnership with many businesses he’s helped them thrive.

These accomplishments earned him the Executive of the Year in Finance award in the Cambridge “Who’s Who?” 2010 edition, a special business biographical publishing company that chooses top-ranked professionals for its Executive of the Year awards.

Brian Bonar started his career back in 1969 after graduating with degrees in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College, business and economics at Strathclyde University and an MBA from Staffordshire University. He started out at IBM UK where he helped deliver motherboards to various business clients around the world and soon became head of their marketing department.

He then moved to QMS Inc. as Director of Software Engineering that oversaw development of special enterprise software. From there he started managing office equipment manufacturing plus sales and marketing with Adaptec and Rastek, and then founded a subsidiary company named Bezier Systems that built the first ever SCSI based printer.

According to Market Watch, Brian Bonar’s career in finance and professional employer organization (PEO) startups started when he helped found ITEC Imaging Technologies. The company moved from simply manufacturing and selling printers to developing a full scale installation and support team and created their own proprietary software to go with it.

But Bonar had an even bigger idea for the company to manage accounting and human resources for his small business clients so they could focus on the tasks that mattered the most to them, and soon he had built an entire PEO business on this idea.

ITEC partnered with SourceOne Group in order to sell the benefits packages to customers. In 2004 ITEC changed its name to Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Bloomberg revealed that Brian Bonar has also been acquiring restaurants across San Diego with the goal of turning them into upscale dining establishments. In 2013 he purchased a small bistro that became Bellamy’s Restaurant and then hired award-winning Master Chef of France Patrick Ponsaty to manage it.

Bonar has also transformed Bandy Canyon Ranch into a quality tourist resort and restaurant. Bonar also works with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego.

Madison Street Capital Wins Award For Restructuring Companies

Madison Street Capital, an international investment firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, was the winner of the 11th Annual Turnaround Awards for 2016. The award the company won, Restructuring Deal of the Year (Under $25MM), will be presented executives of the company on March 23rd 2017.


David Fergusson, the Co-CEO and President of the awards company, said that Madison Street Capital was chosen from over 300 competing companies for the award. He went on to say that the company represents the best of distressed investing and reorganizing companies. the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, credited his employees with their expertise and professionalism being key to his company winning.


Madison Street Capital reputation as a firm with deep capital restructuring experience has lasted since the company was founded. The company is also experts in other corporate advisory specialties such as bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, and corporate governance among others. Madison Street Capital offers many other financial products and services as well including wealth building, tax planning, and expertise in company valuation and tax compliance.


Madison Street Capital has been the winner of many rewards over the last few years. Among the awards they won in 2016 are the 15th Annual M&A Advisory Awards for Industrials Deal of the Year, the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Awards, and the 8th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards for Cross Border Deal of the Year.


Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 and now has offices in Chicago, the city of Accra in Ghana, and in West Bengal, India. The company partners with middle-market firms across the world in a variety of different transactions. The company has professionals with deep experience in industry verticals as well as niche markets. As every client and situation are unique, Madison Street Capital analyzes each client’s needs in order to find the match of buyers and sellers.


As the leadership at Madison Street Capital believes in giving back to the community they have partnered with United Way in order to provide disaster relief in areas of the country that have been hit with hurricanes, flooding, and other natural disasters in the Midwest, Gulf Coast, and East Coast. These efforts provide assistance to the victims of these disasters and includes providing food, shelter, and other needs while people rebuild their lives.



Wen By Chaz Created By Chaz Dean

Wen by Chaz hair care products are unique compared to other brands currently offered for sale today. Created by Chaz Dean, the Wen products are designed for all hair types, and contain ingredients that enhance the look and feel of the hair. Using Wen by Chaz products allows you the opportunity to strengthen your hair strand-by-strand while enjoying a new trend in the method you care for your hair.

Chaz Dean is a household name thanks to his line of haircare products. Born in Vermont, Dean always had a love for fashion and gorgeous hair, and earned a degree reflecting that passion. Upon relocating to California, he was able to open a salon in Hollywood where he has transformed the hair of celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Gwyneth Paltrow. Chaz Dean created his Wen by Chaz line in hopes of giving women an easy way to get gorgeous hair effortlessly. His expertise alone is reason enough to try the Wen by Chaz products, but the many unique product characteristics enhance the decision.

Wen by Chaz products contain no parabens and will not strip the natural oils from the hair. Additionally, the products add shine and sheen to the hair, along with volume and increased health. The results of Wen products are noticeable after using only one time. With continued use, Wen users will fall in love with their hair. The Cleansing Conditioner is the most popular Wen product, however, each and every product in the line offers its own set of benefits that enhance the hair. When Wen by Chaz products are purchased, they come with a money-back guarantee that is good for 60-days. This is plenty of time to try the products out and discover the results they’ll offer to your hair. How many other beauty brands do you know that stands behind their hair care products with such an enticing guarantee?

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Erick Lefkofsky : Cancer Fighting Startup Partners with Healthcare Organization

When he started Tempus in 2015, Eric Lefkofsky had a goal of seeing that every cancer patient received personalized cancer care. Through the provision of genomic sequencing services and analysis of molecular and therapeutic data, Tempus empowers physicians to make real time and data-driven decisions. There was no better way the startup could achieve this than partnering with healthcare organizations in the country.

Partnership with Mayo Clinic

In this partnership, Tempus will work with Mayo’s Center for Individualized Medicine where the former will carry out sequencing and molecular analysis for 1000 Mayo patients. The patients are participants of the of immunotherapy studies relating to lung cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer, and melanoma.

The sequencing will help guide future treatment options avoiding cases where patients receive treatment that may not work. Physicians, on the other hand, are hopeful that the partnership will increase survival rates of the patients.

Personalized Medicine Partnership with Northwestern Lurie Cancer Center

Lurie Cancer Center is designated as one of the country’s Comprehensive Cancer Center that is dedicated to fighting cancer through the provision of precision medicine. Recently, the Institute started a new initiative called OncoSET which has a goal of providing customized treatment and personalized care for all cancer patients. With the new partnership, Tempus will act as the partner providing genomic sequencing and analysis.

Benefits of the Partnerships

Tempus has partnered with other cancer centers including Ruth University Medical Center. These partnerships are a great way of collecting extensive data. From data gathered, physicians will be in a better position to realize mutation patterns. With this kind of information at hand, pathologist and oncologists will know which treatment will work for which patients.

Use of technological infrastructure that collects, analyzes, and stores data that matches clinical trials makes things easy for physicians. In this case, Tempus will be acting as an operating system for oncologists whereby they can use the data collected to decide the way forward.

Eric Lefkofsky Philanthropic Deeds

In addition to his dire need to support physicians in their quest for seeking a cure for cancer, Eric is involved in other charitable works. He mainly focuses his assets on helping medical research, health care, education, arts and culture, and human rights.

Eric contributes to these sectors through Eric Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable trust he started with his wife in 2006. When the foundation’s focus is supporting other charitable organizations around the world, most of the funds are focused on Chicago, Eric’s hometown.

The Evolution Of Smooth Revolution

Standing Out From The Crowd

The lip balm market is pretty much considered stagnant. This is why the surprise of Evolution of Smooth’s success has made so many rethink exactly how to think of lip balm. Lip balm is misunderstood by so many people even those who work directly in the lip balm market. It wasn’t until EOS proved that you can target a brand of lip balm ( specifically towards young women and win that attitudes started to shift in a new direction.

A Star Among Millennials

Millennials are the latest generation to come of age and they have their own interests they want catered to. Evolution of Smooth appeals to them because it was specifically made to reach out to social media users. The company wisely chose to use celebrities to advertise the brand with selfies featuring the spheres the lip balm company is known for. With the millions in sales that they have generated it’s pretty clear that people love Evolution of Smooth. There just isn’t anything on the market right now that can compete with it. Millennials will love this brand for years to come.

The Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth has taken the position of the most popular brand of lip balm on Walmart, but the brand is still growing. Now, the creators of EOS lip balm want to find a way to enter other personal care markets. With lotions and shaving creams out there it’s clear what the potential for the market is. There may be EOS soaps and moisturizers out on the market soon. People love what this brand has to offer and that’s not going away any time soon. Millennials have made their voice clear and they want Evolution of Smooth for themselves.


Scheduling an Appointment With Securus Technologies is Easy

There’s a vast array of ways Securus Technologies has proven to be an effective form of communications that is opening up roads for law enforcement officials to uncover crimes. Unfortunately, many crime incidents that occur behind “closed doors” of correctional facilities get overlooked. This is quite a common scenario as we are actually unaware of the certain types of crimes that occur in correctional facilities, some of which include, but are not limited to, are: transferring of drugs, abuse, and acts interconnected with criminal organizations. By communicating through the Securus Technologies platform, an individual who is not incarcerated but would like to keep in touch with someone who is can do so with the program of Securus Technologies.


Although traditional methods of keeping in touch with incarcerated individuals has normally been conducted through the utilization of a visitation schedule, it is important to note that there is now a new way of visiting that does not require the visitor(s) to travel to the jail to be physically present so that they can chat with the inmate. Instead, in this particular case, they can utilize the Securus Technologies platform to keep in touch with the inmate by chatting through a video conferencing method.


Many people are aware that video conferencing has made connecting with others from all around the world from the comfort of one’s very own home possible. However, what many are unaware of is being able to utilize the technology within the premises of one’s home to communicate with those who are incarcerated in correctional facilities. This is a program that has been designed to allow such forms of communications to occur safely and without issues of scheduling conflicts due to jails being too busy in which appointments that the visitors wanted were unable to be made at that particular point in time.


Serial Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks Shifts Timber Creek Company Offices

Timber Creek Capital moved their offices from the original location they have been for about fourteen years. The reason why they moved is to provide space for the company to collaborate optimally and allow start-up incubation.

Marc Spark who stands as a prominent entrepreneur and a venture capitalist serves the company as the CEO. He has consumed most of his time helping future entrepreneurs to start and develop businesses into income generating ventures.

Sparks says that to start a business one requires first to build a good business model and then acquire the resources necessary for its success. He added that Timber Creek Capital is a company designed to host three different companies within the facility and this is where they offer extensive incubation.

From his experience in this venture, he says that he learned that quality, favorable as well as a collaborative working environment is over 25 percent of what is required for a business success.

Sparks has managed to start and successfully develop several companies thus he undoubtedly understand what is required for a business to succeed. Another essential ingredient he added is the need to have an office that helps maximize collaboration and increase the output. He says such an office will attract a special flow. Sparks wrote a book, “They Can’t Eat You, ” and it was aimed to encourage future entrepreneurs as it outlines his entrepreneurial journey.

In his book, you can clearly see his successes as well as the failures and challenges he encountered to be whom he is today. But all these experiences led him to start his company Timber Creek Capital, LP.

With this company, he has taken the initiative to mentor many companies and help them access resources such as banking, capital, office premises and marketing among others.

Sparks says that from all these experiences he visibly knows the challenges and the overwhelming circumstances entrepreneurs can face, and that is why he is ready to help them build their dream companies. Sparks added that passion, Faith, focus, tenacity, recognition of urgency and savvy of monetization, are the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a prominent serial entrepreneur whose specializes in making other people’s dream business to become successful income generating ventures. After his graduation from high school in 1975, he started his career as an entrepreneur handling different startup businesses.

He faced challenges as well as successes in his entrepreneurship journey, and after 35 years of experience, he decided to establish his venture, Timber Creek Capital. Through this company, he has been able to help many businesspersons to build their businesses successfully.

Doe Deere Inspires And Supports Female Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere is the Russian born, New York City raised entrepreneur that founded Lime Crime Cosmetics. She started it in 2008 after calls to share the brightly colored make-up she had created to wear while performing as a rock & roll artist. She has used her innovative e-commerce marketing strategies to make the brand an international phenomenon. The company has transformed cosmetics into a means of creative self-expression rather than just a way to hide flaws. Now the company’s products made using vegan ingredients and never tested on animals have a worldwide following.


The success of the brand has given Doe Deere a platform to encourage other women to create their own companies. Inspired by female entrepreneurs before her, Doe Deere now offers advice and support for other women trying to start their own companies. The positive reinforcement she offers is designed to empower her staff and other female entrepreneurs. It has also helped to make people that use her products into a vibrant community.


And through her vision, creativity and hard work people of all ages can now do the same. The company’s nail polishes, eye shadows and lip sticks come in bold, vibrant, intensely-pigmented colors so bright they might be illegal. Working closely with her staff she’s always on the lookout for good new products. When she finds ones that feel authentic she acts quickly and decisively after testing the products herself to ensure authenticity.


A trailblazer in the use of online marketing to promote cosmetics, Deere is excited about the shift to e-commerce from bricks-and-mortar stores because it offers many advantages for consumers. It’s also given rise to many innovative marketing options. Being optimistic, knowing what her brand stands for and what her customers want helps her act with confidence and make good decisions. Being true to herself and following her intuition also helps.


The only change Doe Deere would make is to start her company sooner. She feels being respectful of the people with whom she works and superior customer service have played a major role in Lime Crime’s success. Her boyfriend Mark and, although she disagrees with him politically, reading Donald Trump’s Think Big & Kick Ass, has also helped.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter for updates.