Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina Makes Massive Animal Charity Donation

If you knew nothing about Bob Reina except for what he talked about then you would be left with the impression that he loves animals and cares very deeply for them. Of course, there is more to Reina than that. Reina is, after all, the CEO and founder of one of the most prolific video marketing companies on the internet in Talk Fusion. However, outside of his work as a marketing guru for the power of video, Reina is also a devout lover of animals. In fact, his love of animals drew him to make an impressive $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.


Reina made headlines when he signed his donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay but really it was always about the animals, not the press. Reina says, “Animals can’t help themselves though. There are a lot of great causes in the world, but I have an affinity for pets and always have.” Reina’s donations will give the Humane Society the funding needed to create and support low-cost veterinarian services outside of their clinic for pet owners who don’t have the money to otherwise pursue remedies for their furry companions.


Reina himself is enough of a pet owner to know that there is a lot that can go into taking care of an animal. Of course, it doesn’t help that he has 11 dogs on his massive property and that these dogs require two full-time housekeepers in order to keep them clean, healthy and happy ( Reina can happily say that he is probably done adding pets to his life. Maybe. Potentially. Among his 11 pets are a host of rescues that had a potentially dark end waiting for them had he not come in and adopted them into his life.


Talk Fusion has been one of the more pronounced video marketing companies on the internet since its inception back in 2007. Reina and Talk Fusion enjoyed a prolific year that saw their company take home several major industry awards. Talk Fusion will look ahead to 2018 in anticipation of releasing even more communication based solutions to companies everywhere.

Boraie Development Earns New Jersey a Reputation

Boraie Development, a New Jersey-based real estate contracting company, is famous for its relevance in the state’s industry. According to an article published through Philly Purge, New Jersey has experienced development thus accommodating the highest mortgage shares in the U.S. As a result, Boraie Development maintains its mission geared towards enhancing positive trends in the segment that will result in the resolution of house shortages. Also, the organization’s vision is guided by its zeal to keep track of New Jersey’s Real Estate sector. The company’s unique financial strategy entails the utilization of private funds from commercial banks as well as its capital. Additionally, Boraie Development has overtime secured partnerships with other banking institutions and experts in the construction industry. Through its exclusivity, Boraie Development has climbed its way up to be the leader constructor in NJ’s construction segment.

Boraie Development was founded in 1986 being placed in New Jersey. The corporation provides a diverse package of services ranging from sales and marketing to asset management. The organization’s success trajectory is attached to its leading personalities including Sam Boraie. Boraie has championed for the realization of major projects facilitated by Boraie Development. The company’s works are diversified in numerous fields including the education sector and the housing segment. Boraie Development pioneered the augmentation of housing units of the University of Rutgers. Additionally, Mr. Boraie led the company in the development of a privately-owned residential apartment known as The Aspire. Omar demonstrated the organization’s excellence in the construction of the apartments. According to VP Wasseem, The Aspire is among the most stylish accommodations. Other outstanding units made by Boraie include The Hub.

Besides recognition for his achieved success, Omar Boraie works towards retaining his relevance in the segment. Recently, Omar Boraie launched his latest project that took place at Albany Street Tower. Under the instructions of Omar, Boraie Development organized for the developmental project’s requirements diligently. The project entailed the building of a mixed apartment consisted of office space covering approximately 150,000 square feet. Omar’s decision to augment the project was governed by his desire to offer more comfortable offices for New Brunswick workers. Additionally, Omar Boraie postulates the need to collaborate with other industries. As such, Mr. Boraie provides that in the future, will work towards attracting innovative tech enterprises as well as biological science organizations. Omar further illustrates that the partnership will propel New Brunswick’s position in the state to greater heights. Visit the company’s website at

Boraie Developments Great Influence on Real Estate

Boraie developments is a company that offers several services to its customers. For instance, it deals with urban real estate market, property management, sales and marketing, real estate development and much more. The company’s primary role is to render quality services to their customers and also build remarkable buildings. Their services are entitled to bring profits and success to both the business and even the intended clients. For Boraie Developments to administer quality services to its customers, it works with several financial institutions, investors and also the qualified and best architectures in the industry. This is to ensure that there’s growth in the business and also quality services are rendered to the customers.

The company Boraie developments have existed for over thirty years in the industry. Following the long existence and the enormous impact it has on the economy, Boraie developments are declared as one of the most sought developer’s companies in New Jersey and around the globe. Boraie Developments Company has worked on numerous projects which have been successful. These projects have attracted a lot of people not only in New Jersey but also around the globe. A lot of investors have opted to invest their money in Boraie developments because they view it as a long-term goal. They also influence the significant growth of the company. You can visit his account

Boraie Developments Company has moreover attracted tenants’ worldwide. The company however also focuses on commercial projects such as retailing, office student housing, financial restructuring and much more. The company manages and protects its properties. They ensure that there’s adequate and quality customer service, marketing, and leasing services are rendered, accounting, excellent administration, and maintenance of the property so that it can attract many customers.

Boraie Developments Company has successfully sold over one hundred million profitable transactions which have generated a considerable profit for the company. However, Boraie developments are headed by Mr. Omar Boraie who the founder, chairman and the president of the company. His creativity, innovation, and excellent managerial skills have led to the growth, establishments and the success of the Boraie development company. He has imitated hard work and teamwork which has resulted in the company to be internationally recognized and receive numerous qualifications. Check out Rutgers to know more.

The company under the influence of the excellent management of Mr. Omar Boraie, it has been able to improve the economy of new jersey and also improved the quality of life for the people in new jersey. Boraie has brought modernization to the people around the globe.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Guiding Bradesco Through A Tough Economy

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the current CEO of Bradesco and has made headlines over the years for his zealous efforts to keep the company afloat. His efforts have mostly been successful as the company has remained the second largest bank in Brazil for the past decade. It used to be the largest until their rivals had merged.

If it weren’t for Bradesco’s recent success in the private pension market, which was heavily pushed by Luiz, the company would likely be in a slight decline. Public pensions are mandated by the Brazillian government, but it is netiquette for many of those with higher incomes. Because of this, many that can afford to purchase a private pension plan will do so as an extension to their existing public plan. As instability in the economy grows, private pensions will likely become more common.

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A Little About Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Trabuco had started with a humble lifestyle since he came from a small town with working-class parents. When he was hired by Amador, the CEO, he had been given various low-level positions. He had worked his entire adult life for the company, even when he was attending University of Sao Paolo. After finishing his education, he was able to reach executive positions.

As his career progressed, he became the marketing manager of the company, in which he would then make critical decisions that would later turn the company into a big deal. The bank’s leadership had traditionally kept away from the media, fearing that the bank would be ruined if caught in any negative stories. Instead, Trabuco decided to take risks and launch many PR campaigns and to keep the company in close contact with the media.

When the founder, Amador Aguiar, had died in the early 1990s, the executives had voted Marcio to become the company’s first CEO. Although Marcio had greatly expanded the company’s wealth, many of those acquisitions would become burdensome in the near future. Since the maximum age to be CEO is 65, Marcio had to step down and give Luiz a shot at leadership.

Although the management of new assets is pretty demanding, Luiz was able to keep things together in the long term. Luiz is not the type to quickly expand the company but she rather prefers to give the company stability while working on fixing its internal structure. His level-headed approach is why the bank is still such a relevant force in the economy.

As a CEO and president, he is calm, collected, and overly kind when making business deals. He is the type of person that most companies would want as a CEO but very few actually have. It is quite possible that his approach to business and life is due to his liberal arts studies, which is far from the norm of business majors in the finance industry. He tends to keep out of any squabbles in business and would rather form alliances to represent the company in a mature matter. Instead of living a fast-paced upper-class lifestyle, he would rather visit his family in his free time.

About Bradesco

Bradesco has been operating since the early 1940s, in which Amador Aguiar was the sole founder. The company is now one of the most known banks in the country, having branches in just about every small or large city of Brazil. They are known to be innovative and they were even the first to bring debit cards to the average person. They also have hundreds of thousands of cash machines in the country so their customers are never left without quick access to their money where it matters.

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There is Power in Technology: How Fabletics has grown into a Renowned Brand

There is much potential in technology. If you own any business especially in this age and time and yet you are not using technology to your advantage, then you are doing a great disservice to humanity. The world has come of age. In the past, technology was primitive and could not avail much. With time, technology and innovation have been able to evolve, bringing to a realization the age of the internet and computers.


Companies that have chosen to make use of technology are now very successful, despite having been created less than a decade ago. Taking a look at Fabletics, you discover a brand with much zeal for succeeding in a highly competitive market environment. Fabletics is a female activewear company that got started by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg in 2013. Despite starting off small, Fabletics has grown beyond anyone’s expectations gaining fame all over the world.


Apart from offering clients with quality products and services, Fabletics has always provided customers with new fashion trends, thanks to Kate Hudson who was once an actress. To a large extent, it is Kate who has sacrificed a lot to take Fabletics to greater heights. As a co-founder of the brand, Kate Hudson has invested heavily in the company’s customer care department. The brand has ensured that all clients get fair treatment and that they receive different products as per their specifications.


Also, Hudson is in charge of creating and streamlining the corporation’s budget at Fabletics. Using all the resources at her disposal, Kate Hudson has ensured that Fabletics never spends beyond it means hence the kind of success it presently enjoys. Today, Fabletics as a brand is worth more than $250 million, a value that has been steadily growing since 2015. By giving the world what it needs, Fabletics has carved out its niche, beating other competitors’ that have been on the market long enough, hands down.


Since Kate Hudson is a person who has always found it easy to connect with other people, she has taken her persona to Fabletics making the brand leverage the power of the consumers. By maintaining thousands of positive reviews, new customers have had no other choice than to seek products and services from Fabletics. Although it has taken a lot of sacrifice from Kate Hudson, the new Fabletics has made Hudson extremely proud of her unique managerial abilities. One astonishing fact is that before Fabletics, Kate Hudson had no corporate or business experience. However, Kate has been able to dig deep within and cultivate a culture of productivity in Fabletics.


By putting the interests of the consumers first, Kate Hudson through Fabletics has been able to meet the expectations of every single individual. To this end, Kate has gained the admiration of one of the world’s renowned celebrities by the name of Demi Lovato. Demi has found much appreciation for Kate since she has been able to provide women all over the world with a decent way of expressing themselves. If you want to partner with Fabletics, all you have to do is to take a lifestyle quiz that will help match you with an outfit that meets your needs.

The Winning Streak of End Citizens United in the American Elections

This organization wants and is actively working on changes in the way tycoons are financing campaigns. Except for the necessary changes that the group wants to introduce, this organization also wants to invest in the campaigns of many Democratic candidates across the country.


End Citizens United was primarily established to challenge one of the Supreme Court’s 2010 decisions. This decision represents the legal basis of the vast misconception that corporations represent citizens’ opinion. Our country, like many other nations around the world, needs more organizations like this one, a team of millions of supporters that create movements and initiative to promote the best interest of the American community who wants to have elections with higher transparency.


The End Citizens United is struggling against the influence of billionaires on the ruling political platform. Politicians, after the financing of their campaigns by billionaires, spend a lot of time and energy on fulfilling their will and representing their needs, thus neglecting the needs of citizens. This reality has been noticed since 2010’s problematic landmark, where elections became a game of interests between billionaires and enterprises.


The main reason for the existence of this organization is the need to fight against cash inflows in campaigns that can not be tracked, just like changing the controversial decision of the Supreme Court. People across the country support the ideas and attitudes of the organization. More than 325,000 signed a petition for this organization by August 2015. The growth trend of the number of people supporting the team as well as its members will undoubtedly remain viable. People recognize the good aspects of this society. Their connection with the movement „Ready for Hilary“ and the rental of the enamel listing of this campaign is a great marketing move that will undoubtedly increase the number of members as well as donations.


Despite all these positive assets of the organization, Rick Hasen, who is a campaign finance regulation expert and a professor of law and political science, is convinced that even if their team gathers 100 million in donations, the chance to change the decision of the Supreme Court is minimal. However, this statement from the expert has been proven to be wrong in 2017. The group managed to elect the pro-reform Democrat Jon Ossoff, which was a big triumph over the opposition.


In accordance with the ideas they represent, End Citizens United show very transparently their funds and their cash inflows. Thus, their donors can see their biggest income, such as donation of Democrat Jon Ossoff, a first-time political candidate in Georgia of 500 000$. Constant growth in donations and members of the organization shows that people have understood the importance of the struggle and the ideas that represent the ECU.


Whitney Wolfe Believes That Women Should Stand The Same Chance In Dating As Men

What hasn’t Whitney Wolfe done? Whitney Wolfe has achieved a great deal since she was able to start a business. She started her first business at the age of 19. At the moment, the 26-year-old is the CEO of Bumble, a dating app she founded and launched in the year 2014. Bumble is not the first attempt at dating apps that Whitney had made. She also co-founded Tinder, an elite dating app.

So far Bumble has recorded remarkable success. In its first eight months after being launched, the app initiated five million conversations. The application is centered around women. On Bumble, women get to be the first ones to start conversations. The app now boasts of a user base of over 11 million users who spend approximately an hour a day going through profiles of other users or communicating with other users through direct messages.

Whitney Wolfe recently added functionality on Bumble that she called Bumble BFF. This feature enables women to connect with each other and form friendships that come could come in handy in the future. Bumble BFF allows women to create a friendship with other women given that nowadays women take a little longer to get married than they used to. For instance, when women relocate to other cities for work or studying, Bumble BFF will be there to help them connect with other women in these towns so that they can avoid feeling lonely and disoriented.

Whitney Wolfe believes that traditional dating puts a woman a level lower under a man. A woman should be able to approach a man if she finds him attractive. According to the entrepreneur, women should be given an equal chance to start, create and build relationships.

Whitney Wolfe who started her first business at the age of 19 is an ardent feminist. As a woman who always wanted to go first and be her boss, she found it a little troubling that if she liked a guy she had to wait for him to make an advance on her. This challenge is the fact that she wanted to provide a solution for by creating the Bumble App.

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A Timeless Design: Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan has created several designs during his years of being in architecture. Richard Mishaan who is considered to have the Mishaan Touch has bright and delicate taste when it comes to design. Richard was born in Columbia and obtained his B.A. from New York University as well as the Columbia University School of Architecture.

Before there was Richard Mishaan Design, he started his career as an apprentice for Phillip Johnson. Mishaan has created two books that are Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern. The Richard Mishaan Design company is in New York City. The Richard Mishaan Design company created a lot of Architecture, and one of them is the Cartagena.

The Cartagena has a rustic appeal that makes one feel connected to the world outside on the inside. The contrast of the colors that go against the white brings a sense of freedom and appeal that is welcoming to people. From the paintings that represent the ocean, to the furniture that are nautical makes this home a place of relaxation and peace.

Another Richard Mishaan Design that is remarkable is Kips Bay. Kips Bay has a representation of new meeting classic and timeless. The specks of bright colors that open the rooms, but it is the taste of silver and gold that brings Kips Bay to another dimension. Kips Bay is the right place for comfort and style. Richard Mishaan Designs creates designs that will cater to anyone’s needs. Richard Mishaan has the touch to make your home brand new.

Healthcare Improvements Resulting from Jim Tananbaum’s Ideas

Jim Tananbaum is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of Foresite Capital. Foresite Capital is a firm that specializes offering healthcare services. Foresite Capital is collaborating with other investment companies to fund a startup health tech company known as Mindstrong Health. Other companies include Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, and ARCH Ventures Partners. These organizations are working together to the realization of Mindstrong Health.

Mindstrong Health focuses on using smartphones to diagnose and help in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. The startup health tech has set aside $14 million contributed by the various investors. Jim Tananbaum and Paul Dagum, Mindstrong Health founder, are working towards improving healthcare services. Jim Tananbaum intends to improve the outcomes of individuals who are disordered mentally with Dagum’s help. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Mindstrong Health has the vision to introduce objective measures in the treatment of lunatics. Mindstrong Health will deliver continuous actual actions and cognition at a high resolution level. According to Jim Tananbaum, the use of smartphones will be effective. A patient will just scroll and type on the smartphone to measure the functioning of the brain. The smartphone platform will also provide mood information and biomarkers of cognition. These cognition biomarkers will include processing memory, speed, and function.

According to Patient Daily, Jim Tananbaum is particularly concerned with the understanding what Mindstrong will provide. Jim Tananbaum postulates that Mindstrong Health will provide a conducive environment for understanding the challenges that patients with cognitive disorders have. Jim also notes that the medical community should understand and care for people with mental health conditions.

Jim Tananbaum’s company, Foresite Capital, is a private equity firm. The company was established in 2011. Foresite Capital is dedicated to fund and identify healthcare leaders. Tananbaum’s company provides aid by supplying capital, information, and healthcare networks. Before establishing Foresite Capital, Jim formed two other biopharmaceutical companies. You can search him on Google

Jim Tananbaum is also a learned individual. Jim went Yale University where he attained a math and electrical engineering M.B. Jim also attained an M.B.A from Harvard and an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Tananbaum’s passion is to connect hard sciences with computer science with health care to improve his inventions.

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U.S Money Reserve Releases an eBook on Wealth Protection

On June 20th, 2017, the U.S Money Reserve released an exclusive eBook; War of Nerves the Global Risk and Your Money. The eBook was released as a response to the global and economic unrest.

The eBook has been published to educate the American citizens on how to protect themselves against the economic risks. The book advises the citizens to protect their wealth by buying gold. Gold prices always increase in price during global economic uncertainty. Gold is less vulnerable and is also tangible. Gold is a powerful wealth protecting tool that can be used to reduce the economic risk. The eBook is a limited offer that comes with 1/10 Oz of the Gold American Eagle Coins.

About U.S Reserve

US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is the largest private distributor of Unites States issued gold, platinum, and silver bars and coins in the world. The company does not only distribute U.S gold but also foreign countries.

Most of the American citizens depend on the U.S Money Reserve to protect their wealth by buying gold, silver and platinum products. The Company has also designed a free guide that they give their clients when they signup.

US Money Reserve has partnered with the IRA. The IRA Program is designed to help the retirees to protect their wealth. They have the Self-Directed IRA that gives flexibility to the citizens to safeguard their wealth. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The IRA program offers diversification, flexibility, tax benefits, and profit potential. With the Self-Directed IRA gives the two different options: the rollover and transfer. A transfer allows one to transfer the retirement fund to Self-Directed Precious Metals. You will need a new IRA custodian that will help you to organize these transfers.

A rollover will apply to you if you have a 401k and other accounts. The Rollover allows you to choose a portion or all of the funds. You are allowed to withdraw the retirement dollars from your old IRA Custodian to the new one. The transaction is free and should be done with 60 days so as to maintain the tax-deferred status. The transaction can, however, be carried only once a year.

US Money Reserve has an experienced staff with a vast knowledge on gold and silver. They provide all persons with a secure method of transferring the funds.

Philip Diehl is the president of U.S Money Reserve. He is the former United States Mint Director.