Darius Fisher Has A Great Reputation And It Keeps Building

Someone like Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status Labs. This is a title he is very proud of, just like he is very proud to have seen the growth of this company. The company recently won the PR World Awards® “Business Development Individual of the Year award, which focuses on the very best in public relations, marketing, corporate communication, and investor relations to name a few. That is most certainly Darius Fisher and Status Labs. Sometimes people don’t understand how important public relations is and how it can change the way that people look at someone. That is why they need someone in their corner, looking out for them, and protecting that.

In today’s online world, news travels fast. In fact, it travels at the speed of light. As soon as something is said, it can be taken out of context and people can run with it and really go wild. That is where Darius Fisher and Status Labs comes in. They have handled situations like this before, and they know the best way to get the best results out of any situation that is put on their docket. They will not be frazzled, overwhelmed, or caught off guard.

As far as Status Labs, with Darius Fisher overlooking things, from 2012-2015, they had a growth in revenue growth of 939%, which is nothing short of amazing. They also have handled many Fortune 500 companies and prominent public figures. They have been tasked with that job and it is something they have handled with flying colors. When it comes to someone’s reputation and making sure it stays intact and nothing false is said about them, they go the extra mile to protect their clients. That is why Darius Fisher is so thrilled to be receiving this award. He believes in reputation and your word. He stands by for it for his clients and always delivers.

Antiques – Not Trash, Surely A Treasure

Last month marked the 64th annual Pilot Club of Huntington’s Antiques Show and Sale. This is one of the areas most looked forward to events each year. This years sale hosted twenty different dealers from seven our of fifty beautiful states.

This annual event takes months of preparation to make sure it’s the best possible sale and show for it’s local and out of town attendees. It’s also the areas only fundraising event and bring in quite a sizable donations each year to it’s local charities. Some of the charities that benefit from this event are: Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind, Ebenezer Community Outreach, Faith in Action of the River Cities, Her Place, Honor Flight Huntington, Huntington High School Food Bank, Huntington Symphony Orchestra, Mountwest Community College, Barboursville Veterans Home Bingo Party, Cabell County Public Library, Cabell County Special Olympics, The Recovery Place, Project Lifesaver International, River Valley Child Development Center and others.

This year the charitable event was focused on brain safety and health. Everyone in the tr-state area know what a large event this is and how much of a financial impact it can have on the areas charities each year.

One dealer who is no stranger to the finer antiques in life is, Michael Zomber. You may have seen Michael Zomber on the Antiques Roadshow. He has been an avid art collector for more than forty years. He has spent a lifetime collecting antique arms and armor, and is a recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords. He is also quite passionate about his screenplays and novels. Michael Zomber is well known for his critically acclaimed documentary film Soul of the Samurai.

On a more personal side Michael Zomber and his wife share a beautiful family with two children, Gabriella and Christopher. He currently resides in Philadelphia, but native to Washingting, D.C.  Be sure to follow along with his career on CrunchBase, or see what Zomber has written by purchasing his books on Amazon.